Walking & Hiking

Walk into these woods, leaving the tourists and traffic behind, and you may find yourself gazing a hundred years into the past. Indians hunted and moved across on these slopes on ancient pathways. Settlers carved roads and cut timber; soldiers died in battle. The trails of Lookout lead to uncounted sites of historic interest, where tumbled stone walls and ruins shrouded in vines testify to the ambitions of men and the persistence of Nature.


  • Cravens House
  • Point Park (entrance fee)
  • Ochs Gateway
  • Reflection Riding
  • Eagles Nest (Ruby Falls)
  • Guild Trailhead (Ochs Highway)
  • Sunset Rock (very limited parking)

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Favorite Hikes

Short and Easy

  • Point Park Paved Loop
  • Point Park to Sunset Rock
  • Glen Falls

Moderate Walks

  • Cravens to Point Park Loop
  • Ochs Gateway to Cravens


  • Kiddie Trail to Sunset Rock
  • Skyuka to Sunset Loop
  • Blue Beaver Trail